Diari UG (Haftungsbeschränkt)

diari: Handmade leather notebook from Germany
Enjoy the unmatchable feel of genuine leather
Write on recycled kraft paper
Keep it in all for yourself with brass buttons
Order your limited edition diari and secure one day of education for a whole class of hearing-impaired children in Saigon, Vietnam. 
diari makes the perfect gift for all.

diari is a handmade leather notebook made in Germany with utmost craftsmanship.

What makes our story a meaningful one is that a quarter of its profits become scholarships for hearing disabled students in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. By owning a diari we all get the chance to empower through a social enterprise and be a part of philanthropy.


Every sold diari unlocks one more day of learning opportunity for the children at Hear.Us.Now and with every edition that is sold out, a teacher for a year of classes can be employed. 

diari is a boutique and global social enterprise that has the goal to empower youth.

A quarter of the profits of every diari sold become scholarships at Hear.Us.Now, a globally certified non-profit institution in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam, which is focused on educating hearing-disabled children around its region. Our scholarships go through the globally renowned non-profit honorary scholarship association based in Mannheim: StipLu.


Given the funding shortages, Hear.Us.Now can currently operate with a handful of teachers and educate only up to around 100 children per semester. Hear.Us.Now currently teaches English and coding languages to youth at the high school level.


As the diari team, we are hoping to fund the hiring of many more teachers, the creation of an online education platform and the hence enriching and multiplying the reach of the institution to thousands of children in need of education all across rural Vietnam.


We see this engagement as only a beginning, and hope to create more opportunities with our community’s support!


Simple and sleek design that combines:
Genuine leather
Recycled kraft paper
Brass buttons


Diari UG (Haftungsbeschränkt)
Freinsheimer Str. 57
67227 Frankenthal (Pfalz)

+49 1726308622



We're a team of 3 best friends based across Europe and Asia, coming together to form a startup based in Germany:


Tommi (right) is our production and logistics manager in Germany, churning out the highest quality handmade leather notebooks in a specialized atelier in Rheinland-Palatinate.


David (middle) is our social responsibility advisor based in Switzerland, making sure our donations go the right way and our ultimate goal of empowering education is well-served.


Onat (left) is our marketing manager in Singapore, bringing you the latest updates about the impact our project is making Southeast Asia and opening up new channels of partnerships for our brand.